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The Final Straw Radio 6/5/22 – Anti-Repression, Supporting Uprising and Anarchist Prisoners

The Green and Red Podcast 7/18/22 – The George Floyd Uprisings Are Still Happening… For Those Doing Time.

Resources For Doing Support Work

U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator

U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons Communications Guidelines

Letter Writing Guides:

Guides and Suggestions for Supporting Prisoners

Tilted Scales Collective

  • A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant (free ebook download available) is a comprehensive guide to facing charges in the criminal legal system to help defendants not only figure out how to handle their legal cases, but also how to think about their cases based on their goals: personal, political, and legal. This book was written by dedicated legal support activists and draws on the wisdom of dozens of people who have weathered the challenges of trials and incarceration.
  • Representing Radicals helps lawyers understand ways to work with radical defendants, with an explicit focus on how to help them achieve ends that go beyond traditional legal goals. Understanding radical defendants’ goals and political priorities is a crucial part of providing them with the most robust criminal defense while helping them strengthen and defend their social movements. This book is based on the belief that lawyers and radical defendants can work together in ways that strengthen movements when fighting criminal charges.

Repress This! Ways to be Your Own Anti-Repression Committee – This guide – put together by the Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee – is an excellent introduction to protecting you and your comrades from repression. It provides basic actions and precautions for engaging in anti-repression work with the hope that others will take on the work. It covers basic legal considerations before actions, the arrest process, how to get folks out of jail, the importance of not talking to police, and more.

AK Press offers a 30% discount on books shipped directly to people in jails or prisons. For a subscription of $15/mo, they will send every book they publish to the prisoner of your choice. Or you can request that a prisoner be added to the wait list for a subscription sponsored by someone else.

Rosenberg Fund for Children grant programs provide funds to support the children of targeted progressive activists and youth who are targeted activists themselves (ages 0-24yrs). Grant application deadlines are March 21 and October 31.

Organizations Doing Support Work for Uprising Prisoners

Minnesota Uprising Arrestee Support

Puget Sound Prisoner Support

Tucson Anti Repression Crew

Atlanta Solidarity Fund

Michigan Solidarity Bail Fund

Drop the Charges

Anti Repression PDX

News and Analysis of Legal Repression Against the Uprisings

“The World Was Not At Peace:” A Timeline And Interview With A Former Prisoner Of George Floyd Uprising In North Carolina –

Mapping the State’s Strategy of Repression Against the Rebellion –

Indigenous Man Faces Up to 10 Years in Prison for Facebook Posts –

Two Brooklyn Lawyers Accused of Throwing Molotov Cocktails Are the Public Face of Trump Administration’s Crackdown on Dissent –

The President’s War on Dissent Is Using Trumped-Up Federal Charges –

How Segregationists Rushed Through The 1968 Rioting Laws DOJ Is Using In 2020 –

Feds Leverage Civil Disorder Charge Against George Floyd Protester –

Collection of Zines and Pamphlets from the 2020 Uprising –

Other General Resources