This website is intended to be a clearinghouse of information about supporting people who are awaiting trial or currently serving prison sentences from the 2020 Uprisings.

The Individual Support Campaigns page lists defendants and prisoners from the 2020 Uprisings who have consented to have some sort of public campaign about their case and imprisonment, either by already being publicly supported by a group or through our communication with them. Those who have people or groups already doing public support work have those groups linked in their bios. Many, however, do not have any organized outside support beyond this listing. Some people who were incarcerated from the Uprisings that have since been released have information on the Post-Release Support page.

The Further Resources page has links to information and resources about how to support people who are facing charges or are in prison; where to look up information for federal prisoners; contact information for other organizations doing support work for Uprising prisoners and defendants; news and analysis about the legal repression against the Uprisings; and sites for other organizations doing work generally around repression against liberation movements.

We want you to Contact Us! If you have any questions about a person’s bio or information, please either reach out to their local support crew or directly to us. If you are supporting someone who you think should be included on this site or if you have any updates, corrections, or questions, please reach out to us at