This site is run by a few people with a lot on our plates. We rely on you–the people and groups on the ground doing support work for defendants and prisoners from the uprisings–to send up updates, corrections, additions, and more! Please email us at

Information we would specifically like you to send us includes:

  • Names and addresses of uprising defendants and prisoners we haven’t listed who have expressed a desire for public support during their case and/or imprisonment;
  • Updated addresses for anyone we have already listed;
  • Information or updates about specific mail restrictions for anyone we have already listed;
  • Preferred name (if different from the government name) and pronouns, a short bio and case summary, a photo, and birthday (day and month) for anyone we have already listed;
  • Links to support websites or social media pages, fundraisers, booklists, or petitions for anyone we have already listed;
  • Contact information for other groups doing support work for uprising prisoners and defendants;
  • Anything else you think is important that we don’t have!