Starting in May 2020 the U.S. was shaken by protests, uprisings, and riots following the police murder of George Floyd. Almost immediately the government moved in to repress those taking the streets against the police and racial violence. More than 350 people were arrested on federal charges while city and state level arrests topped 14,000 between May 28th and Nov 3rd. Some cities/regions already had established organizations and crews to help with both jail support and long-term prisoner support during and after the Uprising; in other places new groups formed as the need arose; yet other places still have little or no infrastructure to support the massive number of arrestees.

The uprising was the continuation of a battle against the combined powers of the state and white supremacy that has been raging for decades; centuries. That fight does not end when the protests die down or the riots are quelled. It overlaps with other moments of rupture and with the care that we show for each other in the aftermath of repression and the build up towards the next moment. The struggle continues. And for that reason, we do not want those captured by the state to be isolated through their imprisonment and left out of that continuing struggle. We want to facilitate their connections with people, movements, and communities on the outside; this website is one piece of that effort.

This site is run by a few people who have both interest in and experience with running support campaigns and doing anti-repression education and organizing. We are not ourselves an organization and we rely primarily on the work and support of those on the ground in each of these places who already have relationships with Uprising defendants and prisoners. We have done our best to communicate with defendants and inform them that since ours is a struggle for total collective liberation that we will not list people who stand for sexism, homophobia, racism, transphobia or other forms of domination. We also will not list or support people who cooperate with the government against others to better their own circumstances.

If you are supporting someone who you think should be on this site or have any questions please reach out.