Dawn Jeffrey

From Dawn’s legal support fundraiser: “Dawn Jeffrey is a well known community activist who resides in the Central Arkansas area. She is the founder of the Little Rock Freedom Fund and Nayborhood Activists. Dawn has worked in the Little Rock community for years helping the unhoused , facilitating park & community cleanups, backpack drives, educational events, protests, and direct actions. Dawn even organized and co-hosted a summer long course called the Know Your Rights Tour. This tour educated participants on the rights we hold as citizens by legal professionals. The things Dawn does for the Central Arkansas community is endless.

Dawn spent June facilitating the release of 13 African American men and women for Juneteenth. Shortly after organizing and executing this VERY successful Bailout, Dawn’s bond was revoked. Dawn previously been charged with five counts in relation to case No. 4.20CR00288-DPM. These charges refer to a Little Rock Police Department car being set on fire in the height of 2020’s Summer of Resistance.

On June 25, 2021, Little Rock Freedom Fund Co-Founder Dawn Jeffrey’s bond was revoked and she was sent to Greene County Detention Center to await her trial.”